MINDFUL PIGS is a brand that aims to merge the cruelty-free lifestyle with fashion-forward designs. Its goal is to captivate and inspire others to embrace a kinder way of consuming.

Our products are designed and created with purpose; genderless, sustainably made, and cruelty-free. We firmly believe that our values are intertwined with the way we live, dress, and navigate the world.

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Come express your Love for Everything with us.

Be it a love that you have for yourself, your ART, music, dance, sports, a Cruelty-free lifestyle, intentional mindfulness, love for life or others. Should we keep going..

You are a foodie, or an Alien, we still love you! You have a secret crush that you wanna drop an anonymous love letter or a poem for? We are here to be your voice and spread your love language with you and for you!

Be Bold Be You!

P.S on aime le français aussi!