Are you really vegan?

Yes! All our products are cruelty-free and mindfully designed and crafted with purpose in our Montreal studio.

I'm also part of a vegan organization. Any possibilities for partnerships?

At MINDFUL PIGS, we know promoting a healthy cruelty-free lifestyle will be a group effort. As such, we're always interested in collaborating with others across the industry. So if you have a cool proposal in mind, hit us up at info@mindfulpigs.com.

I placed an order, but still haven't received my parcel. What gives?

We process orders as soon as payment is received. As such, some orders may take a few days to be dispatched. If you still haven't received your shipment after 30 days, then please email us with your order ID at info@mindfulpigs.com.

Why do you wait until an order has been placed before preparing the item?

We believe that a key part of animal welfare is a healthy environment since, well...it's their home! As such, we maintain minimum inventory of items to not waste material. We also ship directly from our Montreal workshop where everything is made with extra care and love, therefore saving on dispatching time and reducing overall fuel consumption.

If I placed an order, and the item is out of stock, will I be refunded?

We always ensure that we have enough fabric to process all orders. However, in the unlikely event that you've placed an order with insufficient fabric for processing, we will either refund the purchase, or offer you an item of equivalent value, or the same item with a different fabric.

How much does delivery cost?

Depending on your location and shipping speed, as well as the number of items you purchased, delivery costs can vary. Please refer to our Shipping policies found in the footer menu for more info.

If you have additional questions...

Please email us at info@mindfulpigs.com

Come express that Love for Everything with us. Be it a love that you have for yourself, your ART, music, dance, sports, a Cruelty-free lifestyle, intentional mindfulness, love for life or others. Should we keep going..

You are a foodie, or an Alien, we still love you! You have a secret crush that you wanna drop an anonymous love letter or a poem for? We are here to be your voice and spread your love language with you and for you!

Be Bold Be You!

P.S on aime le français aussi!

For those who are in constant WIP: With a pinch of humour and goofiness but hopefully good taste, we hope to bring forth an exchange of ideas, share your voice with our community so we keep growing together as a collective.  Share your thoughts about your topic of interest below or directly send us an email info@mindfulpigs.com and we will get right back to you! Feel free to use any format that best adapts to your idea.


MP's mission

MINDFUL PIGS wants to initiate a light and fun dialogue around spreading The Good Vibes and The cosmic Love, the love that breathes that lightness of being. Love as the core of it all and in its simplest form that is relevant to today’s pace and reality; a matter that at times can be misunderstood and difficult to talk about but understanding the correlation of such topics brings us back to understanding Life in itself just a little bit more.

Fashion and Arts have the power to intrigue and inspire people to embrace a lifestyle as such, so we hope to be that Space. Our brand and its friends are soft activists and advocates for LOVE and KINDNESS for ALL. Ahem! Yes, We are shamelessly corny

Our mantra; Love Love and keep dancing!