Hey Flower Child, I am back!

I know our latest collection had many of you thinking, especially our prints! Let me shed some light on how our curiosity turned inspiration into a walking wearable canvas!

Flowers have captivated humans for centuries, their history intertwined with the evolution of human culture and civilization. From ancient to modern times, flowers have held symbolic, aesthetic, and mysterious significance. 

In ancient Egypt, flowers were an integral part of religious ceremonies, symbolizing rebirth and the cycle of life. The Greeks associated flowers with Gods and Goddesses, attributing each flower with specific meanings. During the Renaissance, flowers became a prominent subject in art, symbolizing beauty, purity, and love. 

Beyond their symbolism, flowers possess a beauty that transcends culture and time. Their vibrant colours, intricate patterns, and delicate petals evoke a sense of wonder and admiration. Flowers have inspired artists, musicians, and poets, serving as a muse for countless creative expressions. Let alone perfumers, who have blessed our senses with magic since the 13th century! Yet, flowers carry an air of mystery. Their intricate biological systems and the phenomenon of flowering itself have long intrigued scientists and botanists.

In the same way, the individuality and symbolism of each flower has intrigued me too! I've compiled all the traits of the flowers that you can find on our Flower-Child print, born each month of the year. We see flowers as mythical creatures filled with personality and emotions just like you humans!

Drum roll.. please meet your birth month flower! Perhaps you share a little more in common than you think! Tell me in the comments below which flower you are and if it hits any soft spots ;)


Snowdrop our January outcasts: As one of the earliest blooms of spring, often poking through a layer of snow, they are our flower of new beginnings, rebirth and overcoming challenges. Snowdrops lead, the rest of the spring blossoms follow. Their stark white colour is one of innocence and purity.

Oh! Violets, our February fleeting souls: Innocent, affectionate and caring, also, the flower of modesty and virtue. Spiritually passionate, they attract all kinds of pollinators ;)

Jonquilles, nos Originaires de mars aka daffodils are prized for their fragrance and striking blossoms. They are given the scientific name Narcissus Jonquilla,  tied to the Greek myth of Narcissus who was handsome … and he knew it. The harbinger of spring, daffodils are the flower of desire, friendship and domestic bliss.  

Marguerites, Les casse-cous d’avril: The pearly petals are innocent, truthful and known as the keepers of secrets, while the yellow core resembles a warm shining sun, always cheerful and ready to hop on the blooming dance fields. A gift of daisy is a gift of eternal hope and happiness. 

Lily of the valley, our May’s social butterflies: A feature of many royal weddings, the sweetly scented bell shaped blooms are humble and serene. Not to be messed with - these beauties are extremely poisonous if ingested. 

Roses, our June Daredevils: Adorning millions of valentines’ cards every year, roses are the universal symbol for love and romance. Perched on an untouchable stem of thorns, their redness calls to mind the hot and passionate associations of the colour ;)

Water Lilies, our July sunshines: With a striking ability to emerge from the water, our water lilies are a symbol of strength, ambition and optimism. Growing from wet mud beneath the surface of the water, the plant gradually extends a stem and lily pads through the murky waters that eventually host the beautiful flower, transforming from a humble, hidden root to a beauty

Poppies AKA our August Bambinos are known as the free spirited wild cards, fantastical and dreamy but also resilient and hopeful. The weeds of the wild fields, masters of birth, death and regeneration.

Morning Glory - September sweeties: Blooming every morning when the sun rises, then dying each evening when the sun sets - how hauntingly beautiful. Their short lifespan represents the fleeting nature of life and love. However, with their prominent colours and abundance, they live their lives facing the bright light of the sun and continue to rebirth so long as the sun rises. 

Cosmos the October angels: Named after the Greek word “kosmos” which refers to the decoration, order, and harmony of the universe. Simplicity, order and harmony come from the flowers' orderly arrangement of petals while their leaves lend them a rather wild, untamed appearance. A strong association with the throat chakra, and they are believed to remove energy and spiritual blockages.

Chrysanthemum our November’s tormented hearts: They love me… they love me not... The flower of wisdom, steadfast loyalty and devoted lovers.

Holly Berry, the December Child: A bold, captivating shade of red, boundlessly courageous, defensive and foresighted. These flowers blossom despite being amidst a bush of thorns and spiky leaves that were often considered sacred and protective.


With an undeniable parallel between the characteristics of those born in each month and the flower that represents them, we can't help but wonder if flowers are but star constellations in the cosmos, just like each astrological sign. Perhaps the blossoming patterns of your flower will tell you just as much as your astrology sign. For the curious ones, here’s your horoscope for the month for some extra Goss on what July has aligned for you!

Happy Exploration humans, until we meet again..



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